Handwriting Examination

Examination and comparison of handwriting to establish authorship or association between documents.


Signature Examination

To determine if a signature is genuine or a freehand copy, traced or copied forgery.

Disputed Wills/Contracts

To determine the authenticity of Legal Contracts or disputed Wills.

ESDA(Electrostatic Detection Apparatus)

To examine and interpret indented impressions developed on paper, card or other material, which are caused by writing on one document while resting on another.


Altered Documents

The examination of a document to establish if an alteration, addition or obliteration has taken place.


Security and Identity Document Examination

To determine if a document is genuine or counterfeit – eg. Passports, ID Cards, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Driving Licences, Vehicle Licencing Certificates, Insurance Discs, Tax Discs, NCT Discs, Currency, Cheques, Money Orders, Bank Drafts etc.

Office Equipment Identification

Forensic examination to determine the type of printer that was used to print a questioned document.

Printing Techniques

The examination of printed material in an attempt to establish how a document was produced.

Damaged Documents

The examination of documents damaged by fire, chemicals, water or shredding.

Ink Examination

To differentiate between two inks on a document.

Typescript Comparison

The examination of office-machinery and typed documents.

Stamp Impressions

The examination of ink stamps and stamp impressions to determine authenticity.